Neptunes Burials at Sea

Burial at Sea Packages Serving Los Angeles, Ventura, & Santa Barbara counties

Departing from Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard

Burials at Sea Services

Free biodegradable seashell urn on all burial service packages.

Celebration of Life Luncheon Package

Celebrate Life aboard the Riverboat Scarlett Belle. After the burial at sea  enjoy a luncheon  Wake for your friends and family. Includes a menu to choose, wireless mic for eulogies, memory picture screen montage and a memory table.

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Family Attended Service at Dolphins Way

A beautiful closure for those who loved the sea and sea life during their life journey.  The Sunfish a wide and easy gliding boat providing easy on and off  access for  guests with wheel chair or walkers. We take you to a beautifully serene resting area at dolphins Way  just outside the harbor for the burial from there we take you on a memorable closure cruise where you can relate to the ocean as you celebrate a life that once was. 


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Anacapa Arch Family Attended Service

Aboard the Sunfish for up to 50 guests are taken to the Anacapa Islands at the Channel Islands National Park to the Landmark Arch Rock for the burial at seas service.

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Anacapa Arch Paddle Out Service

the Scarlett Belle Riverboat


We travel to Anacapa Island where we honor your fallen loved one. We take you to Anacapa Island, Channel Islands, where we equip you on an ocean kayak to join in a circle union around the urn. Family members speak words of remembrance, hands are raised, then lowered to splash the surrounding waters and loose flowers are thrown into the center of the circle, followed by a few moments of silence. Finally, pointing Kayaks to the sky you make your way back to the boat were we pick you up leaving, flowers swirling in the wakes as you begin a celebration of one’s life.

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Unattended Ash Scattering Service

the Scarlett Belle Riverboat

An option for those seeking to scatter their love one's ashes at sea on a budget and/or not able to make the sea voyage. We take great care and perform the service with respect and honor.

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the Scarlett Belle Riverboat

About the Shell Deep Water Biodegradable Urn

This urn is a wonderful way to keep the deceased ashes all together inside this shell urn. The Ashes are placed inside the shell urn and placed into the ocean where it floats on the surface for awhile  allowing for an easy transition into the ocean while protecting the ashes from blowing away.

Urn Features:

  • Fabricated by hand from recycled and earth-friendly materials
  • Biodegrades naturally over time
  • Engineered to float for approximately five minutes before descending gracefully. Due to several variable and uncontrollable factors, float times may vary.
  • Individually hand-painted
  • Easy to load the cremated remains and no assembly required
  • Exceeds durable container and TSA airline carry-on requirements
  • Includes water-soluble plastic bag for cremated remains
  • Dimensions: 16 inches x 16 inches x 6 inches (ample room for personal notes, mementos or two sets of cremated remains

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